Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Me as a working mum thought

Suddenly I have these words(in english) on my mind in the morning so I decided to write them out with my own grammar...haha....(it means my english very half pail water la--- 半桶水) if you don't mind my very broken english then you can continue reading, if you mind then please go to top right to close this page...Thanks.
(I apology in advance if this post make you feel uncomfortable) 

Ask a working mum, or you are now a working mum, I am sure we have the same thought. That is, has as much time to accompany our kid(s) as they grow up. Now my son, going to two (end of this month), from he's one + I notice that he is doing everything just to attract your attention. He wants me to play with him, to watch video with him, to talk with him and if I focus on the phone he will grab from me and throw it away...from there onwards I stop to focus on my phone in front of him (that means behind of him still have lo...yes...)😅😂 haha~

This is my schedule on a working day, Let see:
0630 wake up and get myself ready for work, if I need to prepare lunch for myself (my working place don't have canteen), I have to wake up at 6Am to prepare la...
0730 drop my son at mum's house on the way to work.
Probably now I will arrive at work area by 0740 and start my work.
Then you don,t think that I have to stay back to do OT, sorry to say I won't stay back unless urgent one.

I can say time to home, then that is my time with my family son, ok, my husband work even more late than me. There are 2 reasons for me to pang kang (放工)punctually, first is to let my mum also can pang kang and rest la ( you don't think that your mum already getting older and older and you still want her to work until very late?) , secondly, is to have precious moment with my son (this is very important to me). I don't want to miss any of his growing process and will make me regret in the future because if I didn't involve in his younger life, I don't know what has he learn today, what has he eat today, what colour he likes (well, I also don't know because he don't know how to tell yet)...Of course until today I knew him la...because I had sacrifice my own relax time in order to have involve in his little world. Accompany him to reading, singing, have fun, watch nursery rhymes. Children are very simple one, they just want their parent attention, and not everyday only Ah Gong Ah Ma (Grandpa Grandma) or nanny aunty.

Recalled to last month, our company trip to Bandung, 4D3N, and that time he is sick not very serious la (after that only become serious one), I left him at mum's house from Friday's night until Wednesday evening. Wednesday I have to work, and I went to visit him during lunch time (so many days didn't meet up already ma, although got video call), you know what is his reaction when he look at me...!! He DON'T WANT me! How hurt am I ( you will know the feeling). Maybe I left him for so many days, he angry with me...How HURT!

For myself, between money and son, then sure I choose son la, for you I am sure also same with me right? For those working mum who has no choice one, then there is another story ( I knew that feeling that you need money to survive and you cant have time spend with your little one).
But for me, although during weekdays we have less time with son, in the weekend we will do our best to accompany him all the time. Don't you think in your younger life (if you have busier parent) you also try to create any weird attitude in order to get attention from them? That is the same thinking of your kid(s) now.

As a mummy, not easy, working mum or full time mummy. Those daddies thought your wife full time at home do nothing? with no so call “SALARY” for your wife, and you thought they stay at home very relax, easy and just sit down then your floor can be clean, your baby can be feed well, dress well, your lunch/dinner can be ready, your clothes can know how to walk into the washing machine, your clothes can be folded by itself (got ghost in da house) and etc... Then better you buy a robot to done all this houseworks. And some of the husband somemores keep dislike his wife yellow face with no give money or less money to dress nice and find other (got maintenance) lady outside, and you though if you change new wife no need to give money to her to continue do maintenance on her face or dress up nicely? Then she become yellow face and you keep looking for new one? Lol

Please appreciate them (husband or wife), your wife or your husband which both of you also contribute to the family, husband makes money to give better life for the family and wife also doing well at home  to give better living environment to the family.(even some of them working and need to settle housework as well)

Growing up a child not an easy task, need knowledge and skill too. Need to built up their attitude, knowledge, positive thinking, confident, etc all need effort and appearance from parent.

I still have long way to bringing (a long process to learn) him up, we need to think positively, confidently, knowledgeable, good attitude and the most important is to have good relationship with the little that he can learn from us and also listen to our opinions, Parent are appearance to your own kid. don't push the responsibility to others, not Ah Gong Ah Ma not teachers in the school. Is US as a PARENT's responsibility to guide them!

Someone ask me, maybe you will regret in the future if you don't put much effort in your job. I chose my way to put more effort in my family and kid, I will gain the relationship and also the precious moment with little one which cannot be replace by anything else even money also nothing to me, you wont die if you are not rich enough, but if you die you cannot earn money, rich also useless.

Please, no matter how busy I am, will have time have fun with little one.
That's all for me to ki siao for today...haha~


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    1. 谢谢你,希望你读得明白啦~呵呵~

  2. 不要 ki siao ,那句 your clothes can know how to walk into the washing machine 很好笑!我有在想象那个画面,哈哈!

    working mom & stay at home mom & work at home mom & whatever mom all not easy, 大家加油就对了!

    1. 哈哈~我也不懂为什么我会冒出那句XP

  3. 当妈妈真的不容易啊~~~


    说真的,我放工后尽可能就回家陪他玩,有时候真的很累,才开youtube给他看cartoon 一下咯~


  4. Can understand your hurt feelings


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