Thursday, March 7, 2013

Queensbay Walk

Last Sunday, we are rushing to pay tm bill at post office. 
So we decided to do payment at Queensbay's post office.
Haha....Every time I went there is no people and no need to Q up....
But I think is beginning of the month, everyone is rushing to pay bill so the post office is fully occupied!...
After paid the bill, my sister told me go to 3rd floor to see those "creative & nice scene".
Really very nice view, at 3rd floor North Zone. There have new opening restaurant Seoul Garden and some of other restaurant,sorry I forgot the name..haha...

Nice and great work for us to take photo...haha..

Coffee Bar, the chairs, coffee table, board are real! 

The bicycle is a real bicycle...but I dare not to ride on it for photo shooting, I worried will break it down... :P

No. 85

Can have tea time under the umbrella...wakaka

Who's house?

I am sitting at coffee bar!

No. 43 at Orchard Road...hehe

The accessories are real!

This is No.54?

Cafe Paix...some more can gardening...haha

I use my new phone Htc One X to took all these photos...nice!
But yesterday when I wanna copy out these photos from my phone, it cannot connect to my pc.
I am so disappointed after I upgraded my phone to Android 4.1.1 it cannot connect to pc, but previously can!
Then the whole night I am plug in and out cable to try to connect to pc, is charging but cannot go into the internal storage...
I have try to install Htc Sync Manager also cannot!
Finally, it have to wait for so long because of 1st time connection with pc after upgrade the phone, it can connect to pc and I can copy my photos from internal storage. haha...
But cannot view thumbnails to choose photos that I want.
Dunno why? previously before upgrade the phone can view photos directly from internal storage, now cannot, have to copy all out from phone the choose from pc...Sigh!

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