Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shoe- TiAmo

I bought this shoe after Chinese New Year...
Haha... so during CNY, I am wearing old shoe....yer...
Actually I like blue color very much, but for this shoe I just want to buy peach color because the peach is very nice. But the color don't have my size. 
Not my fault to choose blue color again...hahaha...
Bought from promotion price: RM 49.50
My sister bought another pattern of pink color also same price with this.
The shoe is nice to wear!
The shop name is so call Ti Amo at Queensbay Penang. 
There also have mom & daughter's shoe, means mom and little daughter can wear the same shoe.

Nice shoe, everyone said...really! haha...

I like it so much, thanks for the peach color don't have my size, 
and I can bring this home...yeah!

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  1. Nice pic :) Tiamo Shoes are Modern Classic and Career Fashion for working women, Dressy Elegant for the weekend and Celeb Glam for special occasions.
    I like the story of the designer and you may see her story at:


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